Monday, May 6, 2013

No Longer Playing Small

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”  ~Marianne Williamson

One of my dear sweet friends sent me this quote on Facebook. “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful…” made me want to curl up in a ball and weep for days. Who knew being a powerful force of love and goodness could be so terrifying?  The thought of embracing all that I am and feeling love and appreciation for me feels quite bizarre.

My whole life I’ve been taught to look outside myself for love, acceptance, admiration, and attention. I was able to find acceptance from others by always being available, giving so much of myself that there wasn’t much left for me. I found admiration from others by doing all that I could and keeping an upbeat attitude, even when I was hurting inside.  I was able to find love from almost everyone I met because I have the ability to always see the beauty in others.

I have begun to see all the love, admiration, acceptance, and attention I want can also come from me. I can accept my actions no matter how unusual they may look to someone else. I can give myself lots of attention and care for my amazing mind and body in ways I never thought to before.

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Pain, Criticism, and Amazing EFT

Two weeks ago I was walking RJ (my little Boston Terrier mix) when my back began to throb. I haven’t felt pain like this for over two months. Last December I suffered a back injury and was often in so much pain I couldn’t walk more than 2-3 minutes without having to squat down. Ten to fifteen minutes of walking often resulted in tears. I have a bulging disc and it pushes up against my sciatic nerve. It has often felt like someone is alternating between stabbing me with little knives and stinging me with thousands of needles. It often started in my low back and worked its way down my right leg, down to my ankle.  

When this pain popped up again so suddenly it took my breath away.  Initially I was terrified but soon my terror turned to rage. I began to criticize myself for not doing enough stretches and yoga. I started looking at everything I’d eaten that day, notating anything that could have triggered the pain. Anger, doubt, and criticism flooded my system.

I took RJ to my car and sat there. I allowed myself to feel the anger and the heartache over this pain. I took several deep breaths. I began to realize why I was in pain. I had been pushing myself to do, do, do and go, go, go. I wasn’t listening to my body and asking her how she’s doing. I wasn’t remembering to speak to myself with kindness and love. I wasn’t really talking to myself at all unless to push and criticize myself. No wonder my back was hurting again!

I decided in that moment to stop. I said to myself, “I’m stopping now. I am going to love me no matter what. I’m looking for the good inside me. I know it’s here. I know this love, joy, and peace I seek is right here within.”

I began to see how I was looking externally, when the love has been in me this whole time! I am love and so are you! When we look outside for the love and acceptance we crave we totally overlook the fact that we can give it to ourselves. We can do this anytime and anywhere we choose. Wow! This was yet another breakthrough for me. I decided this was a time for praise not punishment.

I began to praise myself and this knowledge. I was in awe of the rush of love running throughout my body. I’ve been to lectures on love and read about love in numerous books by Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Esther Hicks, Leo Buscaglia, and Wayne Dyer. Most recently I’ve been reading Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love.” Until I felt it at a soul level the words didn’t fully register. How powerful a feeling is. Marianne’s book is filled with empowering awesomeness though, and I am truly grateful for her.

After some deep breathing and a few EFT sessions my back pain subsided. I haven’t had any major flare ups since. Whenever I start to feel a bit of pain I go within and ask my body what she needs. Sometimes pain means our body needs attention. Give yourself some attention and love. Some part of you knows how much you deserve this.

I developed an EFT (tapping) script from all these feelings I had that day. This is a guide for you to use whenever you want to shift towards love. You can use different meridian points if you choose. For more guidance watch the video below before starting the script.


Chest: I no longer wish to put myself down. I wish to release criticism and doubt.

Sternum: But if that’s all I am able to do for now, I allow myself to continue. I forgive myself for criticism.

Top of Ribs: I am embracing criticism. I am embracing my self-doubt and fear.

Underarm: I love my fear now.

Top of Head: I choose to give my fear a big hug.

 Eyebrow:  I choose to wrap my arms around my fear and anything I would deem negative. I wrap my arms around it all in a loving embrace.

Side of Eye: I love you criticism, I love you self-doubt.  I love you, Insert your name, no matter what you do.

Under Eye: I love you no matter what you say. I love you no matter how you feel.

Under Nose: I choose to embrace all parts of me.

Chin: I choose to start loving me.

Chest: I’m going to love all of me now. It’s safe to love me. All is right in my world. Namaste.

You can repeat this script as often as you like. Don’t be afraid to add insights as they come up. Be proud of yourself for wanting to love more. Self-love is the most amazing gift I’ve ever given. I plan to continue giving it daily! 

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