Saturday, November 30, 2013

Did You Enjoy Your Thanksgiving?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had much to be grateful for! Mine was fantastic. I got to spend the day with my niece, brother, and some friends. We had tacos…and I have to say those were the BEST tacos I’ve ever eaten. Thanks ED & Cindy!! Initially I felt uncertain about eating tacos on Thanksgiving, but I decided to be open to a new thankful I didn’t have to do the cooking;-) I did make homemade banana pudding for the meal, but it never became fluffy like pudding normally does. I managed to be thankful for the pudding, even though it was much like sweet-banana soup! My point in all this is that when I am practicing gratitude for “what is” and being open to new experiences life gets so much better –this happens pretty quickly!
I wanted to share a few of my older YouTube videos with you to promote happiness & gratitude. The following videos come from my “Feeling Good & Being Happy" mini series. So sit back and watch all three. I hope this will help you find a bit of joy and one or two things to feel blessed about!
Coming UP
Continue to check back for “Unlocking Your Awesomeness” interview series. I have an upcoming interview with Mystic Mandy a psychic visionary, Empath, and EFT practitioner. Mandy will be sharing with us about her amazing gifts and how she’s making this world a better place. I will also be interviewing my brother (co-creator of Sun Holistics) Nate Grage. Nate is a Consulting Hypnotist, Yoga Instructor and business genius. I will get the 411 on hypnosis, meditation, and his yoga practice!
In the mean time if you’d like to do a phone, one-on-one EFT session, or receive your very own personally individualized EFT script please come on over to my website. Have a beautiful Saturday! Love you all~