Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unlocking Your Awesomeness: Interview with Dr. Phillip Mountrose EFT Coach

Today’s interview is with Dr. Phillip Mountrose an amazing teacher, author, and EFT coach. Phillip and his wife Jane created Awakenings Institute. I was happy to speak with him about the incredible work he and Jane are doing, teaching others how to grow and expand with Emotional Freedom Techniques!

Where were you introduced to EFT? Did you know right away that it was something that could potentially change your life?

Jane and I were introduced to EFT at a Hypnotherapy conference in the mid 90’s. We saw a demonstration on Emotional Freedom Techniques and became intrigued. We were doing NLP and Soul Work at the time. Jane and I guided people through ‘soul transformations’ – where spiritual kinesiology uses the soul’s energetic awareness and healing to transform. As far as change goes, we had a sense that EFT coincided a great deal with the work we were already doing.

I see that you and your lovely wife Jane have been teaching others how to use EFT for over 20 years, what lead you to become an EFT teacher and coach?

Well, we were already working with people individually then so it wasn’t a difficult transition. Traditionally I was a teacher and I have always loved teaching and coaching others. Teaching others how to become EFT coaches themselves came quite naturally to me and Jane.

I so appreciate your mission to “create a more caring, collaborative, creative, and prosperous world.” Definitely something this world needs more of! Would you share with us how you created such an eloquent mission statement?

The essence of our work is guided by Spirit. Being spiritual people ourselves it impacts the way we live and do business. This allows us to open ourselves up to our higher self which leads to a more caring and prosperous world for everyone.

I am so impressed with the training courses that you offer! Your courses are very thorough, useful, and extremely in depth, how long did it take you to create the 4 month EFT certification course you offer?

The Holistic Coaching & EFT online course was an evolution that started in the mid 1990’s. We received a great deal of feedback from our clients, students, and many people we worked with. It has changed and developed into something profoundly beneficial and educational.

I know many people who have been transformed by EFT and consider becoming a practitioner themselves, do you have any advice you’d like to share with those wanting to take the next step towards accomplishing their dreams but are holding back?

Of course I recommend EFT if you feel like you are being ‘held back.’ We can sometimes try to be perfect or do too much at once and this can lead to stress, fear, and self-doubt. I remember one of the ladies that took our course, she felt this way. She was in a difficult marriage and having a tough time. After finishing the course her life changed a great deal. She started a new career she was excited about, she and her husband got a divorce, and she found true love with another man.

On your websites and blog you focus a great deal on creating a better world and helping others learn to lift themselves up while awakening their true purpose. Do have any tips on ways people can get started doing this right now?

I do have a few suggestions:

1st Affirm that you actually want to live your purpose, make certain this is something that you want then say it!

2nd Start looking for resources to get help and guidance, don’t feel like you have to do it all alone.

3rd Take stock of how you want to improve the world.

Lastly, are there specific things you and Jane do daily to stay motivated and enthused about life?

This is a very good question; I have discovered that a lot of people think successful people are naturally happy. In truth, they design their lives so they can live optimally and be happy. Some of the very basic things can keep people feeling good and more inclined towards happiness, such as basic hygiene. I’m talking about eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising. All of these things help get your mind and body primed for the day.

A few other things I recommend doing:

1.       Set daily goals- this will keep you focused and on track.

2.      Practice some form of meditation.

3.      Remember not to let the day happen to you- have some idea of what you will be doing each day.

Jane and I have things we do together each day that help us keep motivated. One thing we always do together is walk the dogs; it’s a wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company. Above all, we know that our daily activities align with our bigger goals and purpose.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for these lovely and inspiring answers, Phillip! I so appreciate your spirit and all the ways you’re helping others discover their purpose through EFT! Please visit Phillip’s website for more information.

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