Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ready to Use the Power of What If?

You may be unaware of the power of “what if”...especially regarding the subconscious mind. When said aloud this statement sends a direct message to your subconscious. The power is amplified when expressed in positive and loving ways. When you combine this statement with tapping aka EFT it begins to open you up to creating and having often very different life circumstances than you currently have. Your subconscious picks up on this idea and starts to come up with inspired thoughts and actions for you to take for amazing new possibilities. What if I get a huge promotion? What if I meet a wonderful man I truly connect with? What if I start drawing in more supportive friends? What if I'm a spiritual creature on a wonderful & inspired path? What if I'm the top saleswoman/salesman at my company? What if I win the upcoming golf tournament? As you can see this powerful “what if” can be applied to anything and everything.

Tap along with the following script to connect with the power of "what if" and have yourself an amazing week! For more energy improving tapping videos please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

“What If” tapping script

Karate chop: Even though I don’t always feel capable of accomplishing major goals, I choose to open up to new possibilities. Even though a part of me struggles with taking the first step, I choose to love myself and continue to move forward on my path.

Tapping through your favorite points:

What if I’m more talented than I once thought?

What if I have more power and abilities than I know?

What if I’m expanding and opening up to more possibilities and life right now?

What if I can accomplish anything I choose?

What if I am smarter…stronger…and more capable then I once thought?

I want to expand my mind and possibilities

It’s difficult to believe this is possible

I have a lot of negatrive self-talk that follows me around

Not smart enough

Not good enough

No t capable enough

Not rich enough

Not educated enough

Not enough!

Will I ever be enough for this world?

What if I am enough?

What if I always have been?

What if I am amazing


Full of intelligence

Filled with love

What if anything is possible for me?

I don’t have to believe any of this

A part of me may have a difficult time accepting the truth.

That’s ok.

I am open to new possibilities though…

Open to loving myself now.

Open to honoring my amazing gifts and talents.

What if I’m more talented than I ever thought?

What if they were wrong about me?

What if I was wrong about myself?

What if I can learn how to love an accept myself?

What if I’m learning right now?

What if I’m freaking brilliant?

What if I’m absolutely perfect right now?

I am opening up to the truth about myself

The good, the bad, the amazing!

There is so much more amazing here than I ever recognized before.

What if I’m learning how to recognize it now?

What if I’m getting really good at honoring all my gifts?

What if it’s safe to love and honor myself?

Tapping into love

Connecting with the highest and most loving part of me.

I am safe and loved on all levels now.


Thanks for tapping! You’re amazing!

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