Friday, May 24, 2013

Get Ready to Step Into Your Space

One of my dear friends recently told me she feels like she takes up too much space. She was referring to her weight and how she feels about her body. I began wondering how many of us are afraid to take up “too much” space both physically and energetically? It got me thinking about space and our energy field.

It’s as if we think it’s a bad thing to make room for ourselves, our talents and creations. Imagine how different this world would be if everyone believed it’s not okay to take up space. If they believed it’s not okay to step into their own power and expand into their energy field if you will. We would be without amazing artwork, books, music, bridges, parks, fountains, and as many creative endeavors you can imagine.

I’m learning how powerful it is to step into my own and make space for me. Not allowing fear to stifle my creative genius. I no longer wish to reign in my abilities because I’m afraid of what someone else is going to think or say. I want to live, love, and manifest as many awesome experiences I can! I want to take up space, and expand into my energy field with love.

I encourage you to start releasing your fear. Don’t be afraid to own your space and your truth. Learn to love and trust in you. Guru Singh encourages us to show up expecting the best, because we get what we expect! You are worthy of this expansion, it is okay to step into and fill up your space. You deserve the best simply because of your existence.

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