Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unlocking Your Awesomeness: Interview with Michael Lawrence

Today’s interview is with Michael Lawrence an author, hypnotherapist, speaker, motivator, and teacher. Michael teaches people to have an amazing life by directing the focus of their thoughts and taking charge of their mind!

How did you get started with hypnosis and eventually becoming a hypnotherapist?

My father was a Clinical Hypnotherapist and hypnotized me as a child and taught me self-hypnosis at age 12! I graduated college with a Business degree, but I was only a few credits shy of a Psychology degree as well. Because of this I decided to pursue advance Clinical training in Hypnotherapy.

Where did you learn so much about meditation?

I studied Martial Arts from age 5 to about 25 and meditating was a part of that training. I would often meditate within a self-hypnosis session.

What’s the easiest way to start meditating?
Understanding the mind mechanically makes meditation much easier. I created a video about this topic.

On your website you talk a great deal about managing your mind, are there any simple steps one could take to be more in control of the mind?

Always remember that you FEEL what you are thinking. To change how you FEEL shift your thoughts. Thought controls Emotion.


You’ve talked about ‘Attention’ a great deal in your workshops and videos. You stated that your attention is the power source for thought, do you mind elaborating on this?

Thought is harmless without your Attention. Attention powers your Thoughts. Focus your Attention on a Thought and you will experience that Thought every time. Withhold your Attention from a Thought and you will not experience that Thought. You have all the power because you control your Attention. However, by reacting to Thought you allow Thought to control your Attention.

I so appreciated when you said, “Beliefs are the only things that separate us.” I realize that what we believe impacts whether or not we think we can do something. How did you manage to change your beliefs so much that you cured yourself of depression and started creating a life you love?

We experience what we think about (emotion allows us to feel thoughts). In order to avoid sadness or stress you must shift your Attention to happy or peaceful thoughts and the change is instantaneous. Everything comes down to regaining conscious control of your Attention. This takes care of your mental suffering because you are the source, it also allows you to experience lasting happiness. You can’t change what life throws at you, but you have 100% control of how you experience it.   

Could you go into a bit more detail about the ‘Mental Lens’?

Our Mental Lens is the unique belief structure that we have acquired through our experiences of life. We all must see life through this lens which taints reality with our unique perceptions. Because of this we all don’t see life the same way and we are unaware of it. This is the main source of conflict with others.

What would you say the best way is to improve your attitude about yourself?
You must remember that only YOU can control how you FEEL nothing outside of you can do that. And you do this by what you choose to think about and you are free to think about anything. This is how you create amazing experiences.

Thank You
Thanks, Michael, for sharing some of your wisdom with us. For more information on all the wonderful things Michael is doing please visit his site.
If you’re struggling with meditation and directing your thoughts to a more positive place try EFT (tapping). Check out my website, centered on Emotional Freedom Techniques, and watch a few of my videos on YouTube to get started.
Thanks for reading and remember to keep tapping!