Thursday, October 31, 2013

Discovering How to "Make Pictures"

The more I open my eyes and my heart up the more I become aware of the awesome people this world is made up of. This past Monday my brother Nate and I had our first talk for our new business Rising Sun Hypnosis and EFT. A lovely and unique lady showed up. She was excited to learn about hypnosis and partook in the tapping session with a wonderfully, upbeat attitude. I felt blessed to have her show up and I really enjoyed connecting with her. She told Nate and me a bit about Qi Gong. The meridian points I showed her, that I often use with EFT, reminded her of Qi Gong. She said that her teacher talked about the conception vessel meridian, which you locate by finding that spot on your chin where your finger fits perfectly…right below your bottom lip. Once you find it lightly tap the area with two fingers and you’re activating the conception vessel! She was relaxed by hypnosis then energized with EFT, it was a great experience.

Yesterday I was walking RJ in the park and met a man taking a close-up picture of a leaf. We started talking about his camera and photography. I soon discovered that photography is his hobby and passion. We had a great conversation and we somehow got on the subject of living in the present moment. He explained that every picture is a moment in time we’re able to capture with a press of a button. Whenever he feels overwhelmed he reminds himself of this and is able to find some peace. He also told me that he feels “taking pictures” has a negative connotation and that’s why he calls it “making pictures.” He went on to say that “taking” a picture makes it sound like something is stolen instead of created. I thought this was lovely so I will try to adopt this saving from now on whenever I’m out with my iPhone “making pictures.”
Today I was at the mechanics and I met a lovely woman waiting on her vehicle. She told me about her 22 year old car and how much love she has for her “hot rod”…her words!  We talked a bit about EFT and she told me I reminded her of her daughter because I seem to be a busy bee. She asked me if I ever slow down and I had to think about that for a moment…No! Not really, she reminded me that peace and rest is something all of us needs even when we’re going after something we are truly passionate about. She also said that her daughter could benefit from EFT so I truly hope she gives her my card! I loved hearing a bit about her car, her daughter, and herself.
So I ask you, have you met any remarkable people lately? Have you come across a truly unique and beautiful soul that taught you something new about life or yourself? I have to express my gratitude for all the wonderful & beautiful people in Rhode Island and all over the world. It seems whenever life is really chaotic all I have to do is come into this moment, have a conversation with a new or old friend, and look at all the things I can be “making pictures” of!
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