Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Unlocking Your Awesomeness: Interview with Pamela Gail Johnson

Today’s interview is with the happy and upbeat Pamela Gail Johnson. Pamela is an author, public speaker, and she founded 'The Secret Society of Happy People.' Visit her website here I asked her a few questions about her site, life, and how she stays so darn happy!

I absolutely love your website, it’s filled with fun videos and uplifting messages. Was there a specific moment when you knew you had to start ‘The Secret Society of Happy People?’ How did you come up with the name?
I came up with the name for the Society when I was thinking about a humor column for an empowerment newsletter. I asked myself, “Where are all of the happy people?” and then I thought, they have their own club and don’t tell anyone about it. I then saw people wearing Mardi Gras masks, just in case a parade-rainier crashed the meeting it would protect their identities. And obviously they were chatting about things that made them happy.  Then I day dreamed their banner: The Secret Society of Happy People.  I spent the next year sharing my brilliant idea for a humor column with people and many of them would say, “Let me know when you start it, I want to join.”   I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I said, “I must do this.” I think it was more of a collection of moments that I finally thought, “Why not have a Society for happy people?”
How has your life changed since creating SOHP?
That’s a hard one because we’ve been around so long it’s just part of my life. I plan vacation time from my day job around Happiness Happens Month for example.
But overall, I’m consistently humbled by the people who reach out and say the Society has made them feel OK about being naturally perky and equally humbled by the people who say the Society has helped them recognize more happiness. I get to celebrate happiness with people by helping them find and – or keep their happy. 

What would you say is the best way for you to reach people and let them know about SOHP?
The internet has changed the way everyone communicates but it’s certainly allowed groups like the Secret Society of Happy People to be accessible to happy people around the world.

Could you talk a bit about happiness and how much it’s improved your life and those you’ve connected with in your group?
I’m a natural silver lining seeker even in challenging situations. So I can’t say happiness has changed my life since I fall into that genetically blessed bucket. It’s not that I’m happy all of the time because no one is, but when I’m unhappy I work through it pretty quick.
I think for others in the group, we have some people who just feel happy to connect with other mostly happy people.  Per our survey that’s how most of our members classify themselves. But we also have many that use our 31 Types of Happiness to identify more happy moments, read our blogs, newsletters and join to help them increase their happy moments or develop a habit of happiness which anyone can chose to do since our attitude determines about 60% of our happiness.

When did you write your book Thirty-One Types of Happiness Guide? How did you discover all the different types of happiness?
The guide was written in the fall of 2012. However, we started out I think 13 years ago with the 21 Types of Happiness and expanded it to 31 about 10 years ago. It’s been part of our message for years since we want to help people recognize more of the happy moments that they already experience.
The list came up after looking at some feeling charts and noticing they usually listed 2 unhappy feelings for every happy one. I thought shouldn’t that be at least equal. So I wondered how many types of happiness I could identify.  We have more, but 31 is a great starting point.
In your book you talk about feeling ‘awestruck’ and how surprisingly wonderful it is. Would you mind sharing a particular moment that made you feel extremely awestruck?
Of recent, we’ve had some of those huge super moons that are beautiful. I think most of my awestruck moments seem to be connected to nature. I mean, how do you look at the Grand Canyon and not be awestruck by the miracle of Mother Nature.

What specific things do you do to keep yourself happy and amused on a daily basis?
First I’m easily amused, so to quote a line from the original movie, Arthur, “Sometimes I just think funny things.” So it doesn’t take much for me to find amusement in even annoying situations on a daily basis.
Otherwise, I focus on balance and being thankful (two types of happiness). Balance for me is about am I getting enough sleep (not so much this time of year), am I eating right and exercising. Am I making time for friends and family ~ to have experiences with the people I love not just think about them.  And I start and end my day with my gratitude walk with my dog, Tater, where I remind myself of all of my blessings.   

Do you have any other tips to help everyone increase their happiness right now?
I recently read an article about why we need to unplug every 90 minutes to maximize our productivity. I’ve been testing the theory and have found that the downtime helps you recharge so you can optimize your busy time. That alleviates stress which then helps one keep their happy. I’m so into this thought that I did a Happy Inspiration audio on the topic for our new Social Member program and it’s available as a sample audio if anyone wants to listen go here

Wrapping Up
Thank you, Pamela, for sharing some of your knowledge with us! I appreciate your amazing outlook and all the helpful suggestions to ‘keep our happy.’ I love what you said about finding balance and remembering to be grateful...two very powerful and positive things we can do for ourselves!
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