Saturday, February 20, 2016

How to Love Yourself and Lose Weight

Today I posted a video on how to love yourself and lose weight. I’ve worked with multiple women and men asking assistance in losing weight and understanding the best way to keep extra weight off. They would tell me stories of extreme weight loss, crazy diet plans, and fat burning foods they gorged themselves on. A few weeks ago a family member came to me anxious over looking good at a friend’s wedding. She started to show me this weight loss calculation app on her smart phone. While telling me all the things she was “fixing” in her diet, she began to cry. I sat her down, gave her some tissues and a glass of water, and I listened. She told me about all the stress and anxiety she felt inside her body and in her heart, saying she wanted something more than “this” pointing to her stomach.

I wished very much to help her let go of her feelings of anger and discouragement. I gave her a long hug and asked her if she’d like to do some EFT with me. Initially she hesitated, I explained to her tapping will help her to release frustration, fear, and it will amplify her self-love. I told her that the added stress she’s putting on herself will not help her lose any weight. I explained to her the ability to love herself with “an extra 20 lbs” will help to alleviate her stress, it will bring balance and peace within, and it will allow her to relax enough to let go of any excess weight. After about 20 minutes of tapping she had stopped crying, she told me she felt more hopeful, and she had a beautiful smile on her face.

Stress is the main cause of weight gain. Stress starts in the amygdala, whenever this part of our brain senses stress (which it sees as "danger"), it starts initiating our body’s stress response. That “fight or flight” response becomes activated and begins to over produce cortisol. Extra cortisol allows us to run away from impending danger, or to have enough energy to stay and fight. Too much cortisol in your system leads to increased appetite and a bigger belly. Your body produces cortisol each time you feel angry, or afraid, or guilty. This is why it’s so important to let go of your stress and built up emotions within your body. The best way I’ve found is through EFT therapy aka tapping. My latest tapping video (below) was created to help you start losing weight and loving your body.

EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique is a truly simple and powerful mind-body technique that I use on myself and with clients. Tapping stops this “fight or flight” response and it lowers cortisol levels in your body. This works helps eliminate work stress, food cravings, and any type of anxiety or fear you’re experiencing. I know you’ve experienced those stinkin’ cravings for donuts and Ben & Jerry’s…I love Ben & Jerry’s!! EFT stops those cravings, it gives you an opportunity to pause and consider of you really need to eat the whole box of cookies…or if you need to eat even one cookie. It is the best stress management and weight loss tool I’ve ever come across. Visit my website for more energy boosting and love enhancing tips!

As always, keep tapping and energizing! Lots of hugs~