Friday, January 17, 2014

Ready to Let Your Beautiful Light Shine?

“The only one’s permission you need to shine is your own!”  -Danielle Laporte

I am so inspired by this quote. Danielle is a best-selling author and I recently started reading her book “The Fire Starter Sessions.” It’s designed to help you determine what your heart desires and start recognizing your own magnificence. The book brings home the idea that you are meant to shine and honor all your abilities. That’s why you're here…to shine, to love, to dream, connect with the universe, and create spectacular things for yourself and others.
Never feel guilty for stealing the spotlight or being the center of attention. You’re a perfect & beautiful creature that came here to express yourself in truly unique ways! No more “dulling your shine for others” or hiding your amazing talents. You are unlimited in your potential. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…well, they can tell you whatever they choose but you don’t have to listen or believe it!
You may be wondering how to let your light shine? First of all recognize what makes you, you. Your lovely voice, your compassion for animals, your powerful organizational skills, your willingness to help others…What makes you unique? Once you recognize and amplify these qualities the world will shift to match your expansion in the most amazing ways. With that being said I must tell you about my mini-video series on YouTube “Unlocking the Greatness Within.” I encourage you to start watching the videos and doing the exercises. You’re worth the time it will take to watch a 7-minute video!

Enjoy the first video in Unlocking the Greatness Within:

What’s Next?
Next week I’m continuing on with my interview series “Unlocking Your Awesomeness,” with Mystic Mandy (aka Mandy Peterson). Mandy is a truly amazing woman, who I discovered on YouTube! In December 2012 when I experienced a  painful back injury and started using EFT, I spent a large amount of time on YouTube searching for EFT/tapping videos. Mandy was one of the people I came across. Who knew that a year later I’d interview her for my blog series? Life is amusing!
Mandy is a Psychic Visionary, Empath, and an EFT Practitioner. She has many amazing qualities that she has learned to encourage, to love, and use to help others heal & expand. You won’t want to miss her interview next week on Tuesday January 21, 2014!! 
Please share this blog with anyone you think may benefit from it.
Remember to keep tapping and loving yourself!