Thursday, May 16, 2013

Promoting Feminine Energy to Transform Our Lives

This past weekend I got the opportunity to hear “The Keys to Feminine Power” an online event with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit PhD. This is an ah-mazing talk geared for women! These two incredible women talk about inspiration, personal & spiritual growth, and really tapping into our feminine power. We know at some level that we can and will have a greater impact when we tap into our power and connect with a support system. I am so thankful for Katherine and Claire and having access to this incredible information. These ladies talk about the principles and powers to attract and use Feminine Energy. There are three distinct Power Bases for feminine energy.

Power Base #1: The Power to Change Your Life

All of the systems and techniques we’ve been using to create more power in our lives have been created by men. So when we do this we can’t help but see things in a masculine light. Manipulations, affirmations, and controlled behaviors don’t necessarily work for women. We often need a much more holistic and healing approach.

We experience life through emotions. When we decide what emotions we should be having we completely ignore this emotional center Claire speaks of. This can actually halt our progress. It’s necessary to acknowledge our core beliefs and our emotions.

One technique that includes the acknowledgment of our beliefs and any emotions we hold in our bodies is EFT (tapping). EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which is an incredible tool anyone can use anytime & anywhere. For more information about EFT please visit my page. 

Claire suggests stepping back and seeing all the things that you’ve created that were easy and organic. These are things for the most part that are in your sense of what you can create. Maybe they’re things you were told you can do or were supported by others. Look at the things that you want to create; things that you may struggle with…you may notice they’re outside your core sense of identity. The sense deep down inside you, what you feel is possible. The greatest possibility that we want to have and create for our lives are often outside what we deem possible. Until we actually shift our beliefs at the core, not much is going to change.

This is where feminine power the Power of Relatedness comes in. Where we learn to be in a relationship with ourselves we acknowledge all parts of ourselves. Including the parts we’re not jazzed about. We need to create a relationship with these parts of ourselves, turning towards the feelings and connect with all parts of us. Through this we can learn how to mentor these parts and beliefs we may have created when at age 2, 9, or older. Often they come about when we’re quite young.

Claire suggests going to those parts of you that you ignore, the parts that say “I’m not wanted,” “No one sees me,” “I’m not loved and appreciated,” or whatever it is they say.  With mentoring and EFT (tapping) you can actually challenge these parts of you that are scared, and learn to love and embrace them.

Think about an area in your life you’ve been trying to change for a long time now…romantic relationships, more fulfilling career, etc. drop your awareness down into your body. Where do feel it in your body? Choose to turn towards this feeling and welcome it. If this feeling could speak…what would it tell you? How old is this part of you? This is the time to ask a bunch of questions. Let’s say this part of you is 3 years old, Claire says to have the older you kind of tutor the younger you. What’s the best thing about being my current age? You might say that you have access to power, you’re strong and resilient…and you get to make choices!

Now breathe this strong, resilient woman into the younger part of yourself. Extend the energy into the earth and throughout the room, the part of you that knows how to extend kindness and wisdom to the younger you. You will tell the younger you that you see her, hear her, and that you’re going to care for her now. You begin to build a nurturing and loving relationship between your younger self and adult self.

Once we bring how we’re being into who and what we truly are life opens up and actually starts to transform our identity. We can finally have the experience of other people responding and relating to us. Basically we’re able to evolve beyond the patterns of the past. Once this is done we’re ready to co-create.

Power Base #2: Begin to Cultivate a New Way of Creating Your Life

Claire says, “In my clearest moments I knew what my calling was but I had no idea what the fullness of that would look like. I was underneath someone else’s vision. I felt like a voice that needed to be heard, I never would have put myself into what and where I’m at now. I had no idea looking back 10-15 years that this is where I’d end up.”

The challenge of realizing our destiny is that we need to navigate our way to a destination that doesn’t exist just yet. So we don’t really know what it looks like. We cannot apply masculine energy to this or goal setting. Instead we step into this partnership with life where we create together. We access the deeper desires of what we’re holding and what we want to create. We can access the confidence and ability to create what we’ve wanted. In order to do this we have to embrace trust and faith in the process of life. Any area of our lives that we’re not experiencing is an area where we need to work on trust and belief.

First you will need to connect with the deeper part of you within your body. This is where you have access to the unlimited support of life/universe. We can connect with our deepest desire of what we’d like to express through meditation, deep breathing, and EFT. Once you connect with this part of yourself you begin to co-create. It opens you up to receive. This is a time to ask, “What’s my next step in moving forward?” Connecting with this part allows you the confidence to move forward.

Most of us don’t have this embodied sense of trust and faith. There is an inability to act on a deeper more spiritual level. We don’t trust our own intuition. We can become a powerful co-creator with the universe when we learn to trust.

Power base 3: The Power to Change the World

This is where we activate the power of the collective field. This allows us to succeed in the biggest possible way. We need much more support. We have this idea that we need or ask for support it’s a sign of weakness, once again you cannot access this third power with masculine energy. In order to really come into our own power we must nurture relationships and become true partners. Something happens when we come together with others, a great power is released. When Katherine and Claire came together they discovered this. They stood for each other and supported new ways for them to show up. They discovered the power of the Collective Field.

Many of us feel alone and we haven’t cultivated a way to come together and work

One way to access this power is begin to find people that we relate to and say to them, “I am really standing to share my gifts with the world, will you stand with me?” Basically you’re asking your support team/friends to help your accountable for living in a way that’s consistent and congruent with your highest self.

Most of us don’t have relationships like this in our lives. Too often we feel alone and unsure of how to create a way to come together and work with other women and men. When we have people standing with us and for us supporting who we are becoming is extremely powerful. We’re able to activate the power of the Collective Field. This is where we have true partners on our journey that mirror us and stand for us so we can become women who bond in a powerful, positive way.

When you make this shift within yourself where you embrace and connect with all parts of you. There is a tremendous sense of liberation. By shining our own light and finally stepping into our radiance we encourage others to do the same thing. For more information about Katherine and Claire’s work visit their website.

Learn how to shine your light with EFT and visit my YouTube channel.

Thank you~