Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Becoming Something More

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be, it’s an appeal to our better selves…to become something more.”

This quote always makes me stop for a moment. I get quiet and listen to my breath. Only for a moment though, then I think,  “Become something more…what is it I want to become?” It’s more a question of what I want to accomplish and who I can help. I’ve finally learned how to start helping and loving me. I want to pass that on to others in any way I can. So I’ve been writing, tweeting, blogging, youtubing, and writing some more. Earlier today I hit a wall, or at least that’s how it felt. I was thinking, “What am I doing?” I work a part-time job, substitute teach, and write…what am I doing?! Is any of what I’m saying reaching anyone, is it accomplishing anything?

I often doubt myself, like so many others, I think what can I possibly share or give to another? I got it late, late Friday night or I guess Saturday morning around 2 am it hit me…Love! That’s what I can give to others, through a hug, smile, an email, or a YouTube video. I’ve got something to give. It’s not always easy to dole out, what if it’s not well received or even seen at all? Well, I guess that’s a chance I’m willing to take…I’ve come this far.

When I have these moments where I think it’s time to let it all go. Stop writing, videoing and emailing I get a message. This past Saturday it came in the form of a new subscriber to my YouTube channel and a request for another EFT script. I felt like God was saying, “See, Anna, someone is listening. Don’t quit, you’ve got things to do.” That I do, right now one of those things is sleeping, second thing finally getting the cover for my book finished. I guess I have the answer to my question.  What I am doing is creating and sending a little love out to the world.

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