Monday, October 7, 2013

Creating More Abundance & Money for Ourselves

Money, money, money…yeah, another post about money! I truly hope this finds you well! I took a small break from my blog while I focused more on building my EFT business locally (Rhode Island). During that time I’ve been using a ‘money abundance chant’ (still using it) each day. I mentioned the 21-day meditation with Deva Premal & Mitten in an earlier post. One of the chants was about creating more abundance in your life. I set my intention for money but really it can be for abundance, friendship, health, joy, love, hugs, laughter…anything!

Try it out yourself and watch the video below:

The more I expand my mind and open my heart the more I realize money doesn’t have any feelings or emotions attached to it…only that which I give it! When I nolonger resist the flow of life, money naturally comes to me. Money is a tool and it flows to me and from me just like the ocean tide—it does this for you as well!

Unfortunately it is way too easy to get caught up in negative thinking related to money, such as,it’s not spiritual; it’s greedy to want more; it’s hard to attain; etc. Once again these things are based on emotions and feelings (which come from beliefs often formed during childhood) that someone assigns to money. Once you relalize they came from a thought or experience that created a belief. You will begin to see these thoughts are only as real as you allow them to be; this is the moment you reclaim your creative power (your ability to create more abundance)!

It’s okay if you want more financial abundance, this doesn’t make you greedy. Forgive yourself if you in any way associate financial well-being with something negative or dirty. I think some of us see money as a very dirty. Releasing your fear and guilt over money clears a path for creating more in your life. The thing to remember is to not go about this in a state of lack and fear because that creates more lack & fear. This took me quite some time to process and adapt to.

Gratitude comes into play as well. The more grateful you can be for anything and everything the more good (including money) you attract into your life. Our brains are not designed to process gratitude and anxiety (or fear) at the same time. By taking some time to write down and say aloud what you’re thankful for you are occupying your brain with good feeling energy! You have to be honest though, these are things, people, and experiences that you’re truly happy about.

Speaking of gratitude, I am extremely grateful to be continuing on with my ‘Unlocking Your Awesomeness & Attracting What You Want’ series. Check back next Tuesday, October 15th for my interview with an amazing EFT coach & teacher Phillip Mountrose. You will learn ways to become a happier & more successful you!

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Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful week~