Monday, April 1, 2013

Trance Dance Yoga Class

I cannot talk enough about what I did Easter weekend! I went to the most amazing yoga class I’ve ever been to in my life! It’s called a Trance Dance, which is a meditation-type dance created by Shiva Rea. Trance Dance melds music, movement, rhythm, and breathing together to create a beautifully spiritual and healing experience. It is the most beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring, opening of the chakras, and loving-energy-flow experience that I’ve ever had at a yoga class.

The class began with having everyone in a circle passing around tinctures and incense. We each took turns saying something we’d like to heal or release. Then we each took a turn stating what we’d like to get from our dancing. I stated I wanted to experience joy, love and abundance…of course! After each person spoke their piece everyone said, “Aho.” It sounds like awe-hoe and essentially means I acknowledge you. Each one of us was acknowledged and I found that quite touching. In our daily lives we don’t often take the time to acknowledge one another, much less ourselves.
Afterwards we did some stretching along with some pretty amazing music. Finally the dancing began and soon we were all moving around the room. I was so into the music and movement I don’t really know when the song changed. There were many different types of music Native American, Latin, Hip Hop, and something that sounded jazzy (straight from the 1920’s).
Each of us danced out our fear and inhibitions; we danced out tragedies and losses. Then we danced in love, light and awesomeness! I wish I had a video of it. Well, maybe not because then I might pick apart every little movement I made, and it was much too spiritual and beautiful to do that. I felt love from myself, for myself, and love from the entire universe. It was extremely moving and wonderful to connect with everyone in the room.
When we finished the class I hugged just about everyone in the room. I believe I told almost every other person I loved them! They were all so supportive and giving of their cheers and praise. It was magical. I want to have a Trance-Dance every week, better yet every day! Imagine if you had your own cheering squad and pep rally just for you. You’d feel loved and perfect every moment. It may be a bit unrealistic to think I can feel that every moment, but I’d at least like to try. It was perfect. I felt my oneness with the universe.