Saturday, May 4, 2019

Learning to Stress a Little Less

Just how aware are you of the damaging effects stress has on your body? When you’re feeling stressed-out you’re body goes into a flight-or-fight state, which activates the sympathetic nervous system. Your body starts producing extra cortisol and other hormones to increase your heartrate and give you an extra boost to run or fight.

Now this was very important to our ancestors when a giant tiger or bear was chasing them, but how often do you get chased by a bear? Not very often, so all these extra hormones and neurotransmitters get activated and then you go to work, go make dinner, or sit down to watch Netflix. You don’t usually run a 10K or stop to meditate when you’re stressed...however if you do, you're helping your body flush all the extra hormones out. 
Being stressed out wreaks havoc on your heart; it causes inflammation in the body, and completely weakens your precious immune system. Inflammation can lead to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

In her book, “The Mind Body ToolKit,” Dr. Kim D’Ermo discusses that going into a state of relaxation allows the body to balance out and begin to heal itself. The body begins letting go of any extra weight, and it begins eradicating inflammation and multiple health disturbances. Relaxation is not a special treat. It’s a necessity. 
There are many ways to relax from meditating to taking a nice long walk. One of my favorite ways to release tension from my mind and body is EFT. Use the following tapping script to get into a more relaxed place.
Relaxation Tapping Script:
Relaxing hasn’t always been easy for me.
The idea of relaxation feels unknown, maybe even scary
I’m not sure about all of this, I’m not sure if I’ve ever really relaxed
Can I do this?
Can I take this step?
Yempkin (maybe)
Maybe not
I have some uncertainty about all this
Uncertainty creates fear and sometimes even anger within me
I definitely can’t relax if I’m scared or angry
What if just for the next few minutes I could release my fears and some of my doubts
What if I could sit here, tap, and breathe
What if I could
Maybe I can
I’ll try
I’m choosing to tap into the possibility that there is something good beyond my uncertainty
I choose to release my worries and open up to relaxing more
I choose to begin to let my body relax
What if it’s safe?
I choose to know I’m safe in this
I choose to feel the safety in relaxation
I’m feeling more at peace
Feeling more centered
I’m choosing peace and calmness
I’m breathing deeply
I’m tapping into love, into relaxation, and peace on every level
I’m calling love and relaxation into every part of me
I got this. All is well. 

I also created a video specifically to help moms release their stress and overwhelm:

Until next time wishing you peace, love, and a whole lotta gratitude!