Sunday, August 4, 2013

Feeling Real Gratitude

A few days ago I received one of the best comments I’ve gotten on YouTube. He wrote, “Your book is amazing.” He basically shared how he appreciates my non-pickup artist approach in my book, written to help men find a wonderful woman. It made me smile so much. I so appreciated the comment and I felt a huge rush of gratitude going through my system while reading. It got me thinking about real gratitude, the things that make you feel good and truly thankful.

In the past I’ve been super religious about my gratitude lists. I’ve filled up notebooks with lists of things I’m thankful for ranging from Dunkin Donuts bagels to getting my Psychology degree. I have several word documents labeled ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Things I’m Thankful For’ on my laptop and desktop. I know how to do this stuff and a part of me knows how good it makes me feel…so of course I write in my notebook or add to these word documents every day, right? Not quite, sometimes I don’t have a notebook nearby, I’m feeling tired, or I don't want to write anything. Needless to say I don’t always add to my gratitude lists daily. But I do wake up each morning and say 5-10 things I’m grateful for. I do this before I get out of bed and regardless of what kind of mood I’m in.
Our brains are not designed to process gratitude and anxiety at the same time. By making a gratitude list or saying what you are truly grateful for you are occupying your brain with good feeling thoughts! Incredible right? I’m not talking about stuff you wish you were grateful for like a job you’re not happy at or relatives that make you feel like you’re five years old again! If you work at it though, in time you could feel grateful for them too. I’m talking about things that make you feel good and put a smile on your face...sunshine, gluten-free macaroni & cheese, children, the ocean, fluffy pillows, your dog, yoga, awesome kisses, etc. Once you get going you may surprise yourself at how many things you come up with.
Saying something I’m grateful for each morning has become a habit. Learning to start showing, feeling it and expressing gratitude can become a habit. Now this is a habit worth having! Create a new habit or two, make sure they’re uplifting and they put a smile on your face…or at least make you feel less pissed off! Another wonderful habit I’m encouraging everyone to cultivate is practicing EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique is truly empowering and it’s one of the most loving and kind things you can do for yourself. Set an intention to do EFT 10 minutes a day, in the morning, the evening, or you could even do it on your lunch break. Once you do it once a day then you can start doing in twice a day or more. Shoot for 10-20 minutes of tapping a day and you will start to feel better.
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Be sure to check back on Tuesday, August 6th, when I will be doing another interview for my ‘Unlocking Your Awesomeness’ series. I will be interviewing the extraordinary Ginger Kadlec a child advocate, child forensic interviewer, and writer who is helping improve the world one child at a time! I am excited to learn about all the ways she’s helping our nation’s children. Don’t miss this interview!

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