Sunday, September 15, 2013

Um like Om..Learning to Meditate One 'Om' at a Time!

Until I started using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) consistently I always found it very difficult to meditate for more than 5-10 minutes. Sitting in the floor or on a pillow for an extended amount of time felt a bit agonizing to me! I was like, “You want me to focus on my breath and chill for more than 20 minutes…are you serious?” Then I tried a few meditations with mantras and chanting. The chanting gave me something to focus on, which helped a great deal.  Some part of me felt connected to those chants and I started to open a bit more to the idea of having a more consistent meditation practice.

About two weeks ago my brother asked me if I’d like to meditate with him. He usually meditates for at least half an hour. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. When we first started I felt a bit anxious, Can I sit here and breathe…Can I just ‘be’ for a little while? I asked myself these questions and heard "Yes” somewhere within. At first I focused on breathing in and breathing out, my body swayed gently with my breath. Then my mind became beautifully quiet and alive all at the same time. I was completely relaxed and aware. When Nate told me the 30 minutes was up I was a bit surprised. I was proud of myself and I must say I slept exceptionally well that night.

Now I’ve started meditating a few minutes in the morning or at night (whichever works best) and realize how much more centered and calm I’ve become. I recently started a daily meditation & mantra. My friend Allison told me about this 21-day Mantra Meditation Journey, we did yoga the other day and she shared the mantra with me. I started it that day with Ally, day 3 of twenty-one days. This mantra-journey is with Deva Premal & Miten, a beautiful and loving couple. Once you sign up you’re able to listen to previous days recordings and do the mantras whenever you choose.  These mnatra’s  touch on love, healing, awareness, and much more. They’re truly beautiful and it’s wonderful to chant along.  If you’d like to be a part of this totally free program go to and sign up.  You will receive a link to a new mantra each day.

If you’ve tried meditation and struggled a bit I recommend incorporating some EFT into your meditation practice. It’s a simple, fast technique anyone can use to reawaken the meridians and calm the mind. EFT combines lightly tapping the acupressure points while talking out or simply breathing through something that stresses or bothers you. Try EFT when you’re brainstorming to tap into your creative juices, or any time you want to find a some peace. Please visit and subscribe to myYouTube channel and stop my new website for more info.

Don’t miss next week’s interview with Belle Salisbury, Certified Master Psychic and Medium! Learn a bit more about Belle, her abilities, her lovely online magazine Bell├ęsprit, and how she’s created a life and business she’s proud of! Be sure to check back next Tuesday September 17, 2013 for another great interview! Remember to keep tapping!

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