Friday, March 25, 2016

Stress Relief for the Sagittarius

Lately, I’ve been very engrossed in astrological signs. Well, I’ve always been interested in signs and I’ve set out to do an EFT tapping video for each astrological sign. I’m focusing on helping each sign learn to manage their stress, start to love themselves, and tap into relaxation. Today I posted a video for Sagittarius:

Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter, which typically brings you good luck and good fortune…though there is no telling when this will kick in! I’ve had several Sagittarius friends and they were easy going, lots of fun, and fairly lucky. Sagittarius is known as the eternal optimist, even during difficult times you can keep positive.
With your adventurous nature, you can be a bit of a dare devil. This can also relate to being ruled by Jupiter. The Sagittarius sign has a yearning to learn and explore the world. You tend to philosophize, wondering what the meaning of life is. It is truly amazing when you’re able to do something with your gifts. You easily bring people together with your acceptance of others and your ability to connect ideas and people together.
Sagittarius is a true free spirit and cannot be caged in. You may appear to have one foot out the door at any time, ready to set out on a new adventure. You’re upbeat and full of energy and at your best when you keep active. You’re amazing because you always tell the truth, but you must remember to have a sense of diplomacy and share your words with care.

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