Sunday, February 24, 2019

Back to Basics: Joy & Gratitude

Today I am continuing along with my journey back to gratitude. There was a time in my life I awoke each day and said thank you for this breath, thank you for my bed…and often thank you for gluten free macaroni and cheese! I kinda got off that gratitude track, got “busy with life” and forgot about all the things I’ve got that are super kick-butt awesome! So I’m coming back around again, finding joy in the simplest things. Joy and gratitude they link up so well. When you can watch a toddler toddling and smile, or you feel the warm sun on your face and it's like you’re glowing…this is both joy and gratitude combined.

 I find myself listening to Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer CD’s I’ve had for years. Louise Hay had many beautiful quotes and sayings. She once said, “The more gratitude I feel the more I realize the supply is endless.”  Louise also stated, “My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy.” Wayne Dyer once wrote, “Be thankful for what you have. You’ll end up having more.” I quote these dear, departed souls because they got it. They made a practice out of gratitude and joy and built their lives and businesses around this. Just imagine if you were to start thinking of five things to be thankful for every day. And if you continuously came back to those things whenever you felt a bit ticked or out of sorts. Could you imagine how that would change your day in fantastic ways?

I spent the past few days reading articles and posts about gratitude, mainly to help reinforce and strengthen my old/new practice. I found some articles I read before and some new ones too! Huffington Post wrote, in 2007 Robert Emmons discovered expressing gratitude improves mental and physical well-being, and it also improves relationships. I shared this little tidbit with my husband. He agreed. He told me he’s noticed my uplifted attitude in all areas, especially regarding things that previously could get me a bit down. For instance when Adam gets sick or has a tantrum, I may internalize this and blame myself somehow. I may start thinking I’m not doing enough. He had an all-out, massive tantrum today while we were eating at a restaurant. I took a deep breath, several deep breaths actually! Eventually I got Adam to sit in his stroller and managed to soothe him with grapes and a dinner roll. I looked at Haissam and told him, this is a phase. This too shall pass. He told me even a week ago he’s certain I would not have been that optimistic about the situation. So please give gratitude a try! Keep going with it, and don’t forget to share with me your experiences.

While I was searching and digging, I came across another one of my gratitude scripts. I made a few adjustments and tweaks. You can tap along or say the statements to while taking deep, cleansing breaths.

Chest: Today I choose to be grateful for what I have. I choose to be grateful for myself. I am choosing to look for the good within me and around me.

Top of Head: I choose to appreciate the amazing people in my life.

Eyebrow: I choose to be open to allowing more things to be grateful for into my life right now.

Side of Eye: I choose to be open to practicing gratitude.

Under the Eye: I choose to begin to see all that I have, all the good surrounding me now

Under the Nose: I choose to be grateful.

Chin: I am grateful for me.

Chest: Today I’m choosing to express joy and gratitude no matter what!

Top of head: What if it’s safe to be grateful?

Eyebrow: It is safe to be grateful. I am grateful for (say something you’re grateful for)

Side of Eye: I am grateful for my mind, for my body, for me.

Under Eye: I choose to like the person I am.

Under the Nose: I am choosing to be calm & more appreciative of me.

Chin: I am grateful for (say something you’re grateful for)

Chest: I choose to allow even more people and wonderful experiences into my life now.

Top of Head: I am grateful for my life. All is well.

Thank you for tapping along. You’re doing awesome things when you do! I shared with you previously about mymom’s situation, I’m continuing to raise money for her. 
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Until next time, wishing you joy, peace, love, and a whole lotta gratitude!

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  1. Thank you, Anna. I enjoyed reading your writing, and gratitude is the bomb1