Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Why Relaxation is Self-Care

The 21st of May 2019 is a special day. It’s the 16th day of Ramadan, and don’t forget World Meditation Day with Will Williams occurring in London and Vancouver with thousands of people participating around the globe. Last but not least, this is also the first day of American Relaxation Center of Beirut’s 20 Free Relaxation Session Giveaway.  There are only four sessions left for the upcoming week (May 28-May 30). If you wish to have one of the remaining sessions simply view the availability in the photo below, visit my Facebook page to learn more, and message me through my page or WhatsApp!

I created American Relaxation Center of Beirut to help women in Lebanon learn to relax, and discover how to feel better in their amazing bodies. This day is an especially beautiful and transformational time to be meditating and taking part in things leading you to more internal peace. When you’re peaceful within, the things happening outside you will not throw you off and wreck your day or possibly your week!

How do you become peaceful within? Many might say go to a peaceful place, swim in the pool, get your nails painted, etc. Yes, these things can be relaxing but they don’t really help you with long-term peace, or consistent inner peace. It is your thinking, not your circumstances or where you are that determines how you feel and how much peace you find. You may think being in charge of your thinking is difficult, with practice and things like meditation, prayer, deep breathing, and of course EFT…you will do this! You will be able to come to a place of more peaceful thoughts, when you learn to relax.

Relaxation needs to be a part of your daily self-care, or “me maintenance” as I like to call it. Just as you need to allow your body time to sleep and eat healthy foods, you also need relaxation to recharge all parts of you. So many amazing individuals are super stressed from daily life. Stress wreaks havoc on your heart, it causes inflammation in the body, and it weakens your immune system. When you have inflammation in the body it leads to everything from weight gain to heart disease. When you take time to relax, your body is able to become balanced, and you begin to feel calmer.

If you haven’t watched any of my YouTube videos or have yet to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) you may not be aware of various acupressure points on the body. EFT or tapping is a simple mind-body technique I use with friends, family, and clients to help them feel more energized, reduce anxiety, boost confidence, and even more. The following tapping script I wrote to help you let in more light, and start feeling vibrant once again. If you don’t know how to tap, simply say each statement to yourself, gently tap your wrists together, and remember to take deep breaths throughout. This script coincides with meditation, and connecting with what matters most. Enjoy!

Tapping into Sunshine

I know how it feels when the sun shines on my skin
The beautiful warm sun
This divine sun that soothes me
And gives warmth to the entire planet
This sun that brings life to the grass, trees & flowers

I choose to let this beautiful sun love me
Every part of me
Even those parts of me I hide
The places I hide my power & my confidence
All this loving sun, shining on me

I let the sun shine on me, on all parts
This beautiful golden light fills me up
The beautiful light within me and around me

I’m starting to see myself and my radiance
Becoming more aware of what’s important
And I’m learning to honor me

I’m honoring my feelings, my wants, my needs
Becoming more aware of my uniqueness
My brilliance
My inner knowledge
I’m honoring what makes me, me

I have this radiant light within
This amazing power deep inside
It shines so bright

Sometimes I hide it
Or I hold back
Sometimes I cannot let it shine

I thought this is what I must do
That’s what I learned, I choose to open up to shining

Maybe I could open up a bit more

I choose to feel safe to shine now
Shining my beautiful light
Radiating from deep within
I am open to shining now
Letting my beauty and brilliance show
What if it’s safe to be seen this way?

What if by shining my light I allow others to do the same?
When I shine like this, I can give more
I can make a positive impact in my life and others
I am choosing to allow this to be my time to shine
Tapping into love & light, all is well. I am safe. Namaste~

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