Friday, March 29, 2013

Letting Go of Limiting Money Beliefs with EFT

A good question to ask yourself is what are your beliefs about money? One thing that most of us believe is that, “I don’t have enough money.” Our beliefs about the world and our ability to earn shape the world we live in. Once you’re able to pinpoint any negative beliefs you have about yourself relating to money you’re able to see how you’ve been the source of your current monetary situation.

This has been an extremely difficult thing for me, to look at my actions and realize that I’ve brought on the debt and this “lack” mentality. Initially I did a lot of blaming and shaming. I quickly realized this would not solve my money woes. I began to really look at myself and my beliefs, like “I never have enough” and “I will always struggle with finances.” Shining a light on these beliefs opened up a way for me to shift my energy and start to change at a deeper level. You can do the same thing.

Once you see your beliefs clearly you suddenly have access to creating something different. You’re able to change your story thus changing the belief! Imagine if you believed at a core level “I always have enough money” or “I have endless amounts of money.” How would these beliefs affect your life? How would they affect your daily actions/behaviors? Would your life or environment look different?

How do you get to a better financial situation? One way is to make a concerted and consistent effort to change your behavior. If you never save money and you always spend your whole paycheck (and it’s not all for bills) start putting a portion into savings. The changes of course will be based on your specific behaviors. Another way to start this transformation is through tapping. Tapping is allowing me to release old hurts and beliefs and it’s making it much easier for me to start putting in more positive, and uplifting thoughts into my belief system.

In the following video I use a different script but it shows you the meridian points & how to do EFT:

If anything in the following script doesn’t quite fit, please change the words to ones that resonate with you. You’ll start by finding a sore spot on your chest and gently massaging the area. Take two deep breaths. The script will be centered on a fairly common feeling people have towards money “I never have enough money.” Say this statement and rate this on a scale 0-10, 0 being not true at all and 10 being extremely true. You will tap on the various pressure points I've listed or what's most comfortable to you.

Not Enough Money Script

Chest/Collarbone: Even though I never have enough money and this is discouraging and disappointing, I love and accept myself. Even though I feel like there is never enough money, that’s okay I love and respect myself. I forgive myself for feeling like there is never enough money. I love and accept myself whether I have enough money or not.

Sternum area: Even though I often see others who have lots of money and I wonder why I don’t, that's ok. I choose to accept myself & where I am.

Top of ribs: I am broke most of the time. This is not what I want!

Underarm: I want to have lots of money.

Top of head: I want to live the life that I want. I want to have plenty of cash!

Eyebrow: I think I have to break my back to have an abundance of money.

Side of eye: It’s not okay for me to have lots of money.

Under eye: It’s okay for other people but not for me.

Pause a moment, take a deep breath and see where your number is. Has is dropped? Gone up?

Collarbone/Chest: Even though I don’t have lots of money and I can’t be successful because it seems just out of my reach. I’m open to a new possibility. Even though I've always struggled financially, I choose to be open to new ways of dealing with money. Even though this seems impossible, I’m open to a new possibility right now.

Wrist: Even though is seems other people don’t struggle as much as I do & I wonder why...

Thumb: Maybe I don’t have to always struggle, maybe I could do what they do.

Index finger: Probably not

Middle finger: I’m smart, why not?

Ring finger: Probably not though

Pinky: Maybe I could

Top of the head: I’m still not sure I can have more money

Eyebrow: I’m not sure if I can have all the things I want.

Side of eye: Don’t you have to break your back to have everything you want?

Under eye: I know I do

Nose: At least I think I do. I have to struggle to have more money.

Chin: Maybe I don’t. Maybe I do.

Chest: I’m open to a new way.

Sternum: I’m ready to shift my thinking and embrace a new life...

Ribs: What if I could make money without having to constantly struggle?

Underarm: What if I could have lots of money?

Head: I’m open to this possibility now. There is an abundant universe out there.

Karate chop: Even though I can’t make more money because I don’t know how, I don’t have a strategy. I choose to love and accept myself. Even though I’m not sure how I will make more money, I choose to remember that the universe is abundant. I choose to remember that the universe has tons of resources just for me! Even though I have no idea how this will work, I choose to trust God and the universe to show me how to do this.

Collarbone: Even though I don’t know how, I choose to focus on abundance and leave the rest up to God/universe.

Sternum: I don’t know how to make lots of money

Ribs: I don’t have a plan

Underarm: I don’t know how

Head: I don’t know how to do this

Eyebrow: Maybe I could learn

Side of eye: But I don’t know how

Under eye: I’m open to learning how to have lots of money

Nose: I choose to be shown how to have an abundance of money

Chin: I’m open to learning how to have lots of money

Chest: I choose to allow the universe to show me. I allow the universe to show me right now.

If I have any thoughts or feelings that consistently pop up while tapping I will often write them down. These thoughts can be another topic for a future tapping session. It's good to have an EFT notebook where you jot down any insights, feelings or beliefs that occur to you while tapping. You can always look back through the notebook for things you may need to work on.


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