Monday, March 25, 2013

Yoga Spring Mala: Why Would You Do 108 Sun Salutations?

This past Saturday I went to Innerlight’s Spring Mala. Innerlight is a yoga studio in RI. If you’re in the area definitely check it out.

You might be asking yourself what is a Spring Mala? I know I did when I first heard about it. Basically a Spring Mala is a time when we can become aligned with nature, such as the natural awakening that occurs in the spring. Spring is a time when trees, flowers and all sorts of plants are budding and butterflies are fluttering about.  This is a time when night and day are in equal balance, as light prepares to overtake dark. Days are becoming longer, brighter and warmer.

A mala is 108 sun salutations. A sun salutation is essentially saluting the sun, yet it signifies so much more than that. It’s like an awakening of your spirit, your joy, and inner light/love. Basically, you’re connecting with the sun and recognizing your oneness with it. It’s a beautiful and powerful practice.
The Spring Mala was supposed to last 2 hours and ended up being close to 3, and it was so worth it! We did four sets of 27 salutations and took little, restorative breaks in between. After the initial round of 27 sun salutations I was feeling warmed up and thinking I can do another set. After the second set my shoulders began to ache and I thought I can do at least one more set. After the 3rd set my shoulders and wrists were killing me but I figured I’d made it this far so I kept going! I did take a few short breaks during the final round to sustain my poor shoulders.

I am really proud of myself for staying for the entire set. I needed to do this to show myself I can do this! Also, to show myself how much self-healing I’ve actually done since December (when all my back issues started). I am falling into complete belief of my abilities to heal myself and embrace the future. For the first time I really feel like I’m running towards my future instead of away from it. This is a good feeling.
Is there something you’d like to do, possibly a personal challenge you want to make? I say make it today. See it through regardless of how long it takes you or how much you may want to give up. You’re worth it!

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