Thursday, April 18, 2013

Expanding Into Our Energy Field - More Tapping with Anna

I often wondered if writer’s block isn’t just an excuse because I’m letting fear take over. Maybe I’m afraid to let my creativity flow and expand into my energy field? Maybe I’m afraid of being seen?

A close friend of mine recently said to me she feels like she takes up too much space. She was referring to her weight and overall body image. I began thinking that a lot of us may be afraid to take up space. Not entirely weight/size wise, more in stepping in to our own and making space or a place for ourselves. Not allowing fear to stifle our creativity.
How many of us are tired of staying quiet when we want to sing, or dance, or possibly shout? It’s time for a major energy shift, one in which we hone our abilities and share them with the world. We don’t have to be afraid to expand in this world, to expand into our energy fields (or whatever you like to call it).  This is a time when we can live, love and manifest remarkable new experiences. We can finally start taking up space, and take up as much space as possible!
Let’s fill our field with love and gratitude, letting go of fear to own our truth. Learning to love ourselves and expect to get all the things we desire. We are worthy of this and deserve all of it just because we exist.

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