Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Power of Uncertainty

Sometimes it’s very easy to feel uncertain about the future or worried. What’s coming next? You may ask yourself this when things feel a bit turned upside down. You ask this question out of fear and frustration. There are also those times when things are going really well and you ask this exact same question. What’s next? In this situation this sense of uncertainty feels more exciting, happier times feel possible. So how do you get into that space? This is something we all struggle with, how to stay in the positive open space to let life unfold beautifully.

What I’ve learned in my years working with clients, with family, and most importantly with myself is we have to honor our feelings. If you’re angry, be angry. If you’re sad, let the tears flow. Holding it in only gives it that much more power over you. I’ve seen what happens to someone when they let the anger stew, it builds and builds, and at some point their body cannot take the pressure any longer. Something pretty dramatic happens when their body, their spirit says enough. It could be a major physical issue, or it could be something external they cause or become a part of. It’s best to honor your anger, express it in the safest way possible, which therapy and EFT is super great for.

Another thing I’ve learned is anger is just a mask for fear. It’s much easier to be angry then scared. With anger there is motion, you’re moving alright, and everybody needs to get out of your way! You feel more in control, more capable. With fear and sadness it tends to immobilize you, making you lethargic and much more likely to stay hidden away from the world. Uncertainty can cause these two major emotions. This is a time to allow yourself to feel your emotions, do some meditation, and do a bit of EFT. You won’t always feel sad or angry. Your body cannot handle it.

Uncertainty gives you an amazing opportunity to turn your fear into excitement, and a sense of wonder. What if something amazing is just around the corner? What if this event that occurred that knocked you down brings you to someone or something that helps lift you higher than you’ve ever been? In this moment you have a great deal of power to shift your attitude, your focus, and most importantly your thoughts. “What if” is an amazing question, use it for good whenever you’re able. Take a few moments and write down “What if…” five times on a piece of paper. Leave space after each one so you can add something you’d really like to have happen. After you’ve written your lovely “what if” statements, say them aloud while you tap through a few points. As always, remember to breath deeply.

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Until next time wishing you peace, love, and a whole lotta gratitude!

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